The Desire For A Dzire

The latest Suzuki Swift gave everyone all the right feels. However, it’s the Dzire you’ve been looking for in terms of safety, space and comfort.

Dropping the ‘Swift’ from its name, the Dzire has levelled up in terms of what it has to offer. Its Heartect Platform absorbs impact and disperses the force evenly ensuring extra safety in the event of an accident.

The sedan comes standard with air conditioning, front and rear electric windows, airbags for the driver and front passenger and ISOFIX anchor points for rear-fitted child seats, making it safer for you and your family.



Here’s what drivers had to say about test driving the Dzire

IOL writes, after testing driving the Suzuki Dzire, that,  “the ride was supple too, and the road holding neat and predictable. It was actually quite entertaining to boot through some of the twistier sections, with good feel and feedback through the variable-ratio steering rack.”

“I can say that the AGS adapts well to whatever driving style you employ, and it delivers on the direct feel as promised,” writes Top Gear. “It’s clear the Suzuki is set up for comfort as the suspension system soaks up most road imperfections with ease.”

“It’s the ideal car for anyone who loves a practical and safe car because it really is so compact and easy to parallel park!” writes Women on Wheels. “It is such a quiet ride. Whether you’re navigating potholes, driving in the city or on national roads – it doesn’t get ‘busy’ with noise.”


Test drive the Suzuki Dzire for yourself – you won’t be disappointed

The Dzire has so much more to offer. Safety and comfort are just the beginning of a long list of Dzireable offerings. Isuzu Dzire, for you and your family.

How about booking a test drive with one of our lovely team members? We think you’ll fall in love with the Dzire.