How to Pack Your Hatchback this Summer

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Summer is here and that might mean holiday time for some. While not everyone owns an SUV or Bakkie, if you own a hatchback, Suzuki Gaborone team offers some useful tips to assist you in getting the most out of your vehicle. 

Hatchbacks are quite awesome for many reasons, but we especially love the flexibility of the car’s inside space. Unlike a Sedan, a Hatchback has no barrier between the boot and the rest of the car, which means there are some pretty cool advantages to holidaying with a hatch.

Awkward sized packages work well in the space and you’ll be amazed at how much you can fit inside. However, there are much better ways to play ‘Car Tetris’ with your luggage. 

Here are some tips for an easy, and safe packing experience.


Heavy Items First:

This helps with keeping your centre of gravity, which helps with the car’s handling.


Big Items Packed First:

It’s a lot easier squeezing little things around big things than vice versa.


Bulky Items On Top:

A little known packing tip is to pack light, bulky items – like bedding – on your roof rack. It saves you a ton of space!


Think About Your Tyre Safety:

Consider how easily accessible your spare tyre will be when packing. You don’t want to break down and not be able to get to your spare. 


Know The Space In Your Boot:

Try measuring the dimensions of your boot to get an idea of how much space you have.


Make Sure You Can See Through Your Back Window:

Try packing your items as flat as possible so you don’t obstruct your view through the rear window.

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Keep Items Secured:

Secure items to prevent any injury in case of sudden braking. Unsecured items could go flying if not tied down.


Use Your Space Cleverly:

Store items you need to reach easily in easy to reach places such as under your front seat or in the glove compartment.


Sort Your Luggage Before You Load Up:

Traveller24 recommends dividing your luggage into four piles: #1. emergency equipment, #2. bulky but soft (such as jackets), #3. stuff you’ll need to access while on the road and finally, #4. the things you’ll only need when you arrive.


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