Car Of The Year Awards: Suzuki, A Shining Star

Car Of The Year Awards: Suzuki, A Shining Star suzuki-ignis


At Suzuki Botswana, we can’t keep up with all the Car Of The Year Awards Suzuki is gathering.

Attending all these awesome award ceremonies must be tiring!


The Consumer Awards:


One of South Africa’s biggest events is the Consumer Awards. Packed with some of SA’s biggest stars. Both human and not. This is an evening to celebrate the top car brands. There are 18 different categories at this event.

Unlike other auto awards, Consumer Awards are voted for by the consumer themselves. A survey is sent out to real owners of different Suzuki vehicles. They get to vote for their Suzuki in its respective category.

50% of the votes are from consumers. Giving the rest of the votes to social media influencers, celebrities, motoring journalists and the team. The awards focus heavily on actual customer experiences. Meaning real Suzuki vehicle owners vote on their various car models.

This isn’t the first or last of the awards Suzuki hopes to win. Previous years saw the Suzuki Ignis walk away with the Budget Car Of The Year award.

Suzuki Wins 2017-2018 Consumer Awards: Car Of The Year Awards: Suzuki, A Shining Star


The Low Down On The Award Ceremony:


Information from consumers alone was the criteria for selecting the Brand of the Year. Real consumers that drive cars chose Suzuki.

2017/2018 Consumer Awards had the Suzuki Ignis 1.2 GL the winner of the Budget Car Of The Year Award. In the 2018/2019 Awards, the Suzuki Swift 1.2 GL snagged the award for Budget Car Of The Year.

That’s 2 years of winning in a row for Suzuki! Not every day do you get to win the same award twice in a row. Holding on to your title can be tough with so many competing brands.

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And It’s Happening Again!:


The 2019/2020 Consumer Awards is an annual automotive awards ceremony. The 2020 awards take place in February. Award finalists are announced ahead of the much-anticipated 2019/2020 event.

Another year and Suzuki has been chosen as a runner up for the awards. This time in 3 different categories, mainly;

Budget Car Of The Year with the runner up being the Suzuki Swift. Can it hold its title this year to it’s derivative the Swift 1.2 GLX? Time will tell…


Suzuki Swift GLX: Suzuki Wins 2017-2018 Consumer Awards: Car Of The Year Awards: Suzuki, A Shining Star


The Suzuki Vitara is the runner up for The Compact Family Car award. A great choice for families who are always out and about on adventures.

Lastly, The Fun Hatch Award runner up sees the Suzuki Swift Sport 1.4 T as a strong competitor.


The World Car Of The Year Awards:


An exciting international automobile award ceremony. Consisting of a panel of 82 international automotive journalists from 24 different countries. Winning an award as big as this would definitely showcase a brands strength and reliability on a global scale.

Lucky for us 2019 saw the Suzuki Jimny crowned World Urban Car Of The Year at The World Car Of The Year Awards. Now that’s something to brag about.

We hope there’s going to be space for all these awards we keep collecting. Someone might have to come and add a few shelves for the rest.

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