Is My Suzuki Dealer Legit?

Is My Suzuki Dealer Legit?


A crucial rule of buying your car from a dealership is finding a reputable one. “Is my Suzuki dealer legit?” is a question you need to ask yourself.

Usually, the dealership is directly associated with the vehicle brand you’re looking to buy from. Dealerships will most likely have an accreditation from the vehicle brand.

Having said that, some people choose a different route. If that’s the case, here are a few tips to ensure you only deal with a reputable car dealer.

Do your research:


Google is our best friend. With the click of a button, you can have all the info you need on whatever you need. Take advantage of this by doing a quick search on your local dealerships.

You can find reviews online from various sites. Having a look at the dealership’s website is also a good idea. Look for any complaints, positive feedback or even the dealership’s online presence.

Check if the dealership has social media pages. You’ll find a good indication of their professionalism and authenticity on their Facebook page.


Shop around:

Even if you’ve found the car you want, test others out on the floor. The reason being, you can observe the dealer’s reaction. If they say no or ask you to come back another time, leave.

All cars on the floor are there to be inspected and tested out. How else will you know which one you want? If a dealer is making excuses it’s usually a red flag that something is up with the car.

Especially if it’s a second-hand car. Keep your eye out for dealerships like this.


Is my Suzuki dealer legit


Second-hand cars:


Too many excuses:

Beware of a dealer making excuses for any noises the car makes before you’ve even started it. That’s usually an indicator that something’s wrong with the vehicle. The dealer might just want to make a sale and you might end up with a shoddy car.


Bad patch jobs on second-hand cars:

A well-kept second-hand car doesn’t look damaged. There may be a few scrapes on the dashboard but these shouldn’t be obvious. A decent dealership makes sure the car is in mint condition before it’s put on display.

If the car is in bad condition on the outside, just imagine how bad the engine might be.


Too many patch jobs:

Have a good look at the exterior bodywork. If large sections of the car have been repainted, it may indicate it was in a serious accident.

This isn’t a deal-breaker, but your dealer needs to be honest with you. If he isn’t willing to tell you the full truth, it’s better to find another dealer.


Incomplete service history:

Any car you buy should have a service history. You can ask the dealer to see the service history before buying. If it’s lost your dealer can request it from the manufacturer for you.

It’s a big red flag if your dealer won’t show or request the service history for you. It might indicate they aren’t being completely honest about the vehicle’s condition.


Crazy bargains:

Everyone wants a great deal. A dealer that is offering a car way below its actual asking price isn’t doing it to be nice. Yes, all dealers can offer a discount, but they won’t make a loss to make you happy.

That suspiciously low price might be because they want to get rid of a car in poor condition fast. Don’t fall victim to a scam.


Blame game:

Beware of a dealer putting other dealerships down too much. It may seem ridiculous, but a decent dealership won’t mind you comparing prices. They know they are offering the best deal, so there’s no need to win you over with shop talk.



At the end of the day, it’s up to your gut feeling. If you feel uneasy or like you are being forced into a sale, you have the power. A dealership wants to make a sale, but a good dealership will never force you.

You should feel at ease and welcome at the showroom and the team members should be helpful. There is a clear line between encouragement and harassment. If you feel as though the dealer is being too pushy it’s time to leave.

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