Buying A Second-Hand Suzuki: 9 Helpful Tips

Suzuki-Baleno-Suzuki Buying a second-hand Suzuki


Buying a good second-hand Suzuki shouldn’t happen by luck.

It’s going to take a bit of homework and patience to decide which Suzuki fits your needs. At Suzuki Botswana, we are here to help you pick the best possible option.

The following tips are sure to help you when buying a second-hand Suzuki:


Do Your Research:

The internet is a wonderful place with loads of information on anything you can imagine. There are loads of websites dedicated to discussing different car brands, reviews and professional information regarding your chosen brand.

To get the best information, it’s good to visit the website of the brand you’re interested in. You can find images, videos and specs of the vehicle you’re interested in.

Contacting the dealership will get you the most accurate information. The sales team are experts on the brands they sell and should have all the info you need.


Budget-Friendly Vehicles:

While second-hand vehicles are usually cheaper than buying brand new, some dealerships overcharge clients. Make sure you know the new selling price of your chosen Suzuki when doing your research. 

Luckily Suzuki has won awards for being a budget-friendly brand. If you catch our drift?


Word Of Mouth:

Listen to friends, family and people who own the particular vehicle you want. Word of mouth comes from people with experience. Some people may be biased, but getting different opinions from owners is one of the best ways to get truthful information.

Checking reviews on Facebook pages is also a great form of word of mouth.


Know Your Budget:

Set up a budget. Having a budget in place helps you and us find the best Suzuki to fit your needs as well as your pocket. 

Finance is also an option, speak to one of our team members about your finance options. Buying a car doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg, maybe just an arm.


Suzuki Swift Red Buying a second-hand Suzuki


Dealer or Private Sale?:

The big question, use a dealer or go privately?

While this is up to you, remember that someone selling their car privately will often leave out certain details to make the sale. 

Dealerships evaluate a car before it is put on display. This means any faults there may have been would have been seen to. If the faults are too great, a dealer won’t purchase the vehicle.


Take a Close Look:

Get inside the vehicle at the dealership. Look at the bodywork, the interior and ask questions.

Feel the interior and take look at all the extras that may come with it.


Test It Out:

It’s time to test drive your future baby. Get a real feel for it when you’re behind the wheel. 

Listen for any sounds that shouldn’t be there, gears sticking, lights not working etc. These are things that would have been checked by us previously, but it’s always good to be 100% sure.


Get a History Lesson:

The vehicle you’re going to purchase has a history, it’s second-hand after all. 

Don’t be shy to ask as many questions as possible, after all, this will be your car for the next few years. Ask for the service history, mileage, accident history, previous owners, engine info etc.


A Second Opinion:

So, you’ve come to the decision on what Suzuki you’re getting. Awesome. 

It’s okay to want a second opinion, Suzuki Botswana offers minor and major services. You can have one of our experts take a look at the vehicle for peace of mind.


Hopefully, these tips on buying a second-hand Suzuki will help guide you in the right direction when purchasing your vehicle.

We are always just as excited as our customers when helping you pick out a vehicle. Need help? Give us a call so one of our expert team members can assist you.